Total War: Three Kingdoms Announces

It’s no secret that Ancient Asia holds a wonderful world of mysticism for many citizens of the Western Hemisphere, with unique interpretations of religion, value and, most importantly, honor. These cultural cornerstones have played an immense role in the past of Asian countries, shaping them for better or for worse in a dynamic context of betrayal, corruption and the desire for power for centuries of existence. He creates a complex tapestry of tradition and history that few countries can match, and makes their modern image all the more intriguing.
Total War: Three Kingdoms Announces Its Upcoming DLC With Betrayal, Hope, And Legacy
These annals of history become a fascinating playground to explore in Creative Assemblies Total War: Three Kingdoms, which presents a unique challenge to players; a strategic and bloody campaign where you are forced to unite China at a time that consecrates the era of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms; the Emperor was weak, surrounded by corrupt politicians and stabbed subordinates, and three kingdoms were growing up in power, ready to challenge each other to usurp the Emperor after his weakness was judged due to the fact that heaven had taken away his blessing.

It’s a wild time when superstition and diplomacy where the two play an equal hand with dozens of men, women and children perishing in horrible times as greedy leaders have found opportunities to win more land.

he two characters will receive new factions to lead to the gaping mouth that is feudal China, but it brings more than that. A total of 13 new playable factions will be available to play in the DLC, bringing unique units for use on the battlefield and new faction mechanics. The two have yet to be announced.

With new legendary characters, events, and a 194 CE start date for the chapter story, Creative Assembly changes the balance of the fight across China once again in Total War: Three Kingdoms and charges the player to fragment the nation to its former glory. This DLC will also see the character Lü Bu at last