The Exploration Game Gone Home

Every few weeks, users of the computer can look forward to free offers in the Epic Games Store. This week is no different. Now until April 9, gamers will be able to pick up the Gone Home scouting game for free on this platform. This is an exploration game that is definitely worth adding to the collection before the time expires in the Epic Games Store. It is immediately worthwhile to set up the footage in Gone Home. The Fullbright Company has done a great job of giving this game a unique personality, filled with mystery and intricate details. The game takes place in a family home and although it is the primary setting, there is plenty of variety in all the rooms. You will move from one area to the next and you wonder what exactly happened. The story is also appealing. The Exploration Game Gone Home Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store You have just returned home after spending a year abroad. What was supposed to be a welcome home celebration quickly falls into a grueling task of finding out what happened to your family. They are none to be found. Could something have happened to them? Did they go back to see you abroad? This is what you find out in this compelling storytelling / exploration experience. The people responsible for the BioShock writing have worked on this game’s story, which is clear with the amount of detail and emotion you find during each discovery. Sadness, change and love are all themes that are beautifully drawn out in this game and it definitely makes you feel from start to finish. As mentioned earlier, you will spend a lot of time researching every corner and wilderness in this home for clues. These include drawers in desks, cupboards, under beds and personal notes left behind. You will slowly begin your progress to put together the pieces of what really happened. You will also learn more about each family member. This is where the story elements really shine bright. You have deep back stories to really help you fall in love with the characters, even if you’ve never met them before.