Star Wars: Project Maverick, A New EA Star

Since the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order last year for glowing reviews, everyone has been trying to figure out what EA’s next big Star Wars project will be like.

Now, thanks to a Twitter bot called psnrelease, we know the working title of the next major project to come in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Project Maverick seems to be the name of a brand new game coming to PlayStation (and possibly other systems) in the near future.

This Twitter bot automatically posts new titles that are added to the PlayStation Network. While Project Maverick appears to be a working title (as the Xbox Series X was originally called Project Scarlett), it has been associated with illustrations that show the same name.

Maverick game added to European PSN
Star Wars: Project Maverick, A New EA Star Wars Game, Has Leaked Online Via The PlayStation Network
the moment of its release will put it on the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X.

It’s no secret that EA has several Star Wars titles in development, clearly trying to get a lot of legs out of its Disney game deal.

Project Maverick may have some sort of multiplayer appearance, but most experts don’t think it will involve VR.

EA Motive, a studio that contains the remains of BioWare Montreal, has been working on a secret Star Wars project for some time. Some have described it as “a smaller and more unusual project”. This means that it is unlikely to return to the terrain on which BioWare or EA have walked throughout their long history with the Star Wars universe.

Of course, BioWare Montreal was the studio that precipitated Mass Effect: Andromeda, to the delight of no one. However, he is also part of the studio that created Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, so there are both good and bad dan