Sofia Vergara Praised By AGT Judges

Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum recently explained what it was like to see a newcomer to the filming of America’s Got Talent, a report from Us Magazine found. Klum, for example, 46, said that their first day of working together was “incredible”.

In a conversation with Us Magazine, the model explained that Sofia was nervous about starting the new job, but that in the end, she was quite successful. Klum claims that Vergara told her that she felt like she was “the new child in school”.

Depending on the model, she then gave him some advice on how to make it work on the AGT panel. Heidi told Vergara that the first thing to be successful was simple: authenticity.

If Vergara managed to be honest in his criticism and praise for the performers, everything would be fine. “Just tell your truth,” says the model. M

According to Howie, Vergara was so comfortable in her position from the start that she argued with Simon Cowell, who also happens to be her boss. The 64-year-old athlete told Us Magazine that Sofia didn’t care at all, but it worked very well. Sofia Vergara Praised By AGT Judges – ‘She’s So Honest’

Mandel hailed Vergara as an honest and “electric” human being. Cowell, 60, also shared his candid thoughts about why he thought Sofia was the perfect person for the job.

Simon said that he and Sofia first met about 3-4 years ago, and things started right away. They both agreed that someday in the future they would work together on a project, and when he discovered that it was