Post Malone Sparks Concern Among Fans

Fans of pop star Post Malone have expressed concern over the singer’s recent batch of performances in which his frolics were exaggerated and somewhat bizarre. Videos featuring the rapper hit social media, in which he is shown making faces and funny expressions, including rolling his eyes on the back of his head and riding on stage.

A few people online have pointed to the rapper’s performance, saying there must be something wrong with him, or maybe he’s been taking a lot of drugs lately. On Friday, someone wrote on Twitter that Post Malone had “acted weird” on stage in the past few weeks.
Post Malone Sparks Concern Among Fans Due To Recent Goofy And Eccentric Performance
The user asked his subscribers to broadcast the video. Another user shared a video showing Post Malone grabbing a microphone with his eyes closed. Speculative social media users also made reference to much of the artist’s lyrics, which often refer to drug use.

While some users believe that Post Malone is not doing well, others have pointed out that it appears to be just performing

In a conversation with GQ journalists recently, Post Malone said he was a great friend of Mac Miller, who died of an overdose two years ago shortly after his breakup with Ariana Grande. In addition, a few months later in May, Malone shared her opinion on the death of Lil ‘Peep, who died the previous year at 21 years old.

Speaking with Variety, Post Malone shared that he really remembered the death of Lil ‘Peep and the way people online were “ashamed”. The singer added that it’s hard not to get caught up in drug addiction if you’re going through something difficult, so people should have more compassion.