Nicki Minaj Supports And Stands By Hubby

Despite her husband’s “embarrassing” arrest, it looks like Nicki Minaj will continue to support him no matter what. As you may know, Kenneth Petty is in trouble with the law after failing to register as a sex offender in the state of California after moving there.

After being arrested earlier this month, Petty also faced a judge and pleaded “not guilty”.

Although this kind of situation can ruin many relationships, an insider report claims to know that it is not the case for him and Nicki.

This is not to say that she does not find any arrest embarrassing.

The insider tells HollywoodLife that “Kenneth’s arrest is embarrassing but he is not a relationship killer at all. She has known Kenneth forever and she knows the person he is and she is in love with him and wants him to disappear as soon as possible. She will probably talk about it in a future episode of Queen Radio, but again, she would prefer that it does not happen, but it will not change her relationship with him negatively.
Nicki Minaj Supports And Stands By Hubby Kenneth Petty Regardless Of His ‘Embarrassing’ Arrest, Source Says!
Another source also said that the mistress of ceremonies stood beside her husband, regardless of her problems with the law.

“Nicki knows that Kenneth made a mistake, but that doesn’t change the person he is and it doesn’t change their relationship and his love for him. She has known Kenneth most of her life and knows people make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean she’ll leave him for that. Nicki is standing next to her man and she only hopes that he will learn from it, ” they told the media.

Although she hopes it won’t happen again, even if it