PlayStation Now, Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce are now seen as the top-rated game streaming platforms across the world. They are the leaders and the ones who decide the fate of online streaming games. Let’s have a brief observation of who they are, how much they cost you, streaming quality, and what includes in their game library.

PlayStation Now announced its launch in 2014, and Sony is the proud owner of it. PlayStation Now has come a long way since then to become one of the best and popular gaming services in the world. These services available to you on monthly subscriptions. By purchasing the services, you become eligible to download and play games offline too.

There are loads of games available in PlayStation Now in different categories. Once you choose your game, they will connect you to a remote server which bound to open in a quick time. The interface of PlayStation is super user-friendly, and one can say that it is the Netflix of game streaming.

PlayStation has one of the largest game libraries in the world, if not the largest. They started with 80 games, But now there is a brilliant collection of more than 800 new and old top-rated games you to download and play online. There are almost all new and popular games available in the PlayStations library, as well as the platform-exclusive ones.

Considering the current situation of the gaming world, Google Stadia seems to be the future of it. This is a cloud-based streaming service owned by Google, in existence only since November 2019. “Stadia” is the store of this service where you can buy games. Google’s entrance was much awaited by the gamers and Google Stadia already living up to the expectations performing magnificently literally with no latency. There is a mobile version already available for Stadia users and can access the services by using tablets too. The arrival of the Giant would mean more competition in the field, and hopefully, more fantastic features are on the horizon.