Meghan McCain Passionately Spreads A Light

The coronavirus pandemic is more and more deadly day by day. Recent research shows that African Americans are dying at a higher rate than anyone else.

It has been reported that over the weekend, Chicago saw African Americans accounting for almost 70% of deaths from the Coronavirus, although African Americans represent only about 30% of its population.

Disproportionate death rates are not just in Illinois, but in the whole country.

Donald Trump addressed the surprising fact in a recent White House press briefing where he said they will collect data and see why it is happening. Meghan McCain Passionately Spreads A Light On African-American Coronavirus Death Spike

Some of the obvious reasons include that black and brown people are more likely to have essential jobs, less access to health care, and pre-existing conditions that make respiratory disease more difficult to beat.

View host Meghan McCain was one of the first to shed light on racial prejudice and ask the government to provide medical care to disadvantaged communities.