Moglomancer Class Introduced Into AdventureQuest 3D

Since AdventureQuest 3D was a Kickstarter game, developers have certain responsibilities to their funders. And one of these responsibilities gives them the opportunity to test new classes. But now, after extensive testing, the Moglomancer class is presented to the general public. Moglomancers have a unique connection to Moglins, allowing them to summon fuzzy companions into battle and use their power to improve your own skills and spells. They use Mana as a resource of capacity, up to 1000 points.

The passive Moglomancer is Moglin Reach. This ability increases the size of all area effect abilities. The automatic attack is a rank 1 ability. It has an attack power of 20, a cooldown of 0.6 seconds and is physical damage.

The capabilities of the Moglomancer class are named after Moglins in the Artix Entertainment universes. Zorbak’s Bane is a rank 1 ability, with an attack power of 125. It costs 100 mana and has a 6 second cooldown. Inflicting physical damage, Zorbak’s plague calls on Zorbak to strengthen the player’s weapon, inflicting heavy damage and strengthening nearby allies. Moglomancer Class Introduced Into AdventureQuest 3D To All After Kickstarter Backers Finish Testing This ability increases the attack until another Moglin is called. In addition, the automatic attack inflicts increased damage.

Twilly’s blessing is a rank 2 ability that is healing and has a power of 60. It costs 200 mana and has a 10 second cooldown. It’s a spell, and the player asks Twilly to heal all nearby allies. Automatic attacks heal allies and drain mana until another Moglin is called. This ability fades when the player runs out of Mana.

Twig’s Seal is a rank 3 ability, with an attack power of 110. It does physical damage and has a cooldown of 12 seconds. Players will use Twig to enchant their weapon. This ability silences the target and self-attacks regenerate mana until another Moglin is called.

Finally, we come to the capacity named after a meme; Moglin Punt. Moglin Punt is a rank 5 ability, with an attack power of 200. It costs 150 mana and has a casting time of 2 seconds. It is an area of ​​effect ability that allows players to back up and club a Moglin through your enemies. The ability claims that the Moglins appreciate this, but the enemies don’t.