Package Breaking Fast With Naboxparah

You can make a choice from pepes cyprinid fish or deep-fried chicken then equipped with meat osik, serundeng beans, pindang condiment, saute corn teri city, eggplant raos, nasi box jakarta dry deep-fried sambi ati, cucumber, basil and chili selection.Equipped with empunded serundeng, firm shrimp, corn teri tercans, iris spice iris, wet chicken abon, long base genep fruity, dried ebi bean tempe and also the best condiment from the Commander’s

As the name suggests, this box of rice is incredibly like minded for birthdays, births or alternative celebrations. it uses yellow rice that symbolizes prosperity, wealth, or fortune is exuberant. the total entremots from beef osik, dried ebi bean tempe, ore tempe gembus, serundeng pedes, firm shrimp, iris eggs, cucumber, and selection of sauce.

Consisting of rice, deep-fried chicken, pindang egg, beef jerky, dried ebi bean tempe, crisp shrimp, long base genep nut, deep-fried sambal potato, nutty and chili pepper of your own selection.This is a special rice specialties national capital that is super complete and definitely satisfy the appetence.Instant noodle with milk sauce. ar you tempted to do this milk noodle? Instant noodle milk is instant noodle milk mixed with full bechamel sauce with value-added cheese. This noodle is incredibly nutritive, as a result of there’s extra milk and conjointly cheese that has supermolecule content.

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