Getting around 8 hours

I am sure you will know by now, your body is made up of around 60% water but sometimes you are carrying a little too much, so today we want to show you how to lose water weight quickly. Excess water weight can occur for a number of reasons with the most common being poor diet, lack of sleep and toxin exposure. Many people look at dropping water weight as a good way to lose weight but please be sure you don’t cause yourself to become dehydrated as this is much worse for your body too much water. In recent studies scientists have discovered that when you sleep your body acts like a plumbing system to flush out toxins from your system. When people ask me about how to lose water weight my first answer is always to sleep more.If you are not getting enough sleep then you are not giving your body enough of a chance to clear out the toxins that are leading to water retention.

For most adults the healthy amount of sleep you should be looking to get per night is between 7-9 hours. Getting around 8 hours sleep per night has many other health benefits besides just reducing your water weight so aim for that every night! Sodium is the most common electrolyte in your body and you top up your levels daily through your salt intake. I hope that you find these 5 tips for how to lose water weight useful for dropping your water weight over the next couple of days.

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